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Arts Roundup: ‘Look at This Fucking [Sociological Treatise on the Modern] Hipster’ Edition

Morning, folks!
The mysterious purveyor of the Felice Brothers golden-ticket essay contest named a winner Friday. I’ll share the winning essay here later today, but here’s a taste of the author’s pathos at work:
I don't know how I missed out. But don't make me sit at home alone on Friday night, listening to Adventures of the [...]

Sound Walls: Grizzly Bear & Here We Go Magic at 9:30

Grizzly Bear has caught some flack on this blog, but the jury was still out for me going into last night’s show. I bought Yellow House a few weeks ago, and while I had listened to it through a few times and found it intriguing (if not exactly catchy), I was not convinced enough to [...]

Leak Proof: Grizzly Bear, Stuart Murdoch, Kid Cudi, Health

Grizzly Bear: "Cheerleader"
Who are we kidding—everybody and their mother has already downloaded Grizzly Bear's new album Veckatimest, which leaked a few weeks ago, in its entirety. So, it would seem that any official posting of the record's first single, "Cheerleader", is sort of a day late and a dollar short. But "Cheerleader," with its [...]

Ed Droste Responds To Grizzly Bear Album Leak

Earlier this week, the upcoming Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, leaked. We gave our first-impressions of the album. While a colleague joked that the much-anticipated LP was all texture and scaffolding and no melody, we disagree! We love the album more and more with each listen no matter the bootleg's sound quality.
Yesterday, the band responded in [...]

Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest Leaks

The new Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest, leaked last night. Unexpected, sure. First link was a prank. By then, the real thing had already hit the message boards. It was Grizzly Bear's night. Even then people complained. Wha? Only 128 kbps? Indie Beggars are assholes. Showed me at least that Grizzly Bear knew about sound and [...]

New Grizzly Bear Album …

Thank god for Twitter. How else would bloggers find out the name and production stage of Grizzly Bear's new album if Ed Droste wasn't tweeting away the details?

Dept. of Department of Eagles

Anyone familiar with Brooklyn-based experimental folk outfit Grizzly Bear noticed a new sound emerging from their performance of two unreleased songs on KCRW and Letterman; the songs kept their charming reverb and signature vocal harmonizations, but they departed from the dissonance and sound experimentation that marked Horn of Plenty and Yellow House. With the newest [...]