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Listen: Greenland, Give My Regards to Kielsgard

Self-proclaimed bar-prog band Greenland dropped a new LP, Give My Regards to Kielsgard, this week. The album, the followup to last year’s Evil Spring, is streaming on the local ensemble's Bandcamp page.
As opposed to Evil Spring, which emphasized distorted guitars and straightforward rock compositions, Kielsgard seems trippier and spacier on initial listen. Comparisons to The Replacements, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Step Afrika!, Funny Moms, and a New Bar in Shaw

One of the District’s most spectacular holiday programs involves audience participation, a DJ named Frosty the Snowman, and a dozen dancers stomping the stage about as hard as humanly possible. Back for its second season, Step Afrika!’s “Magical Musical Holiday Step Show” pairs the company’s famously fast-paced stepping with a heavy dose of holiday cheer. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Janel & Anthony! Vitamin C! National Dance Day!

Cello/guitar/electronics duo Janel & Anthony made one of D.C.’s better albums in recent memory: last year's alluring, largely instrumental Where Is Home. Their follow-up will focus more on vocal works, says cellist Janel Leppin, and some of those pieces will be incorporated into the duo's early-evening performance at the BioWall. It’s not just another plaza. There's [...]

One Track Mind: Greenland, Evil Spring

Standout Track: No. 5, “Silver Spring.” Greenland likes to pay tribute to The Replacements, and here it looks to a hallmark of that band’s (and many others’) 1980s sound: the chorus effect, which transforms the track with a ricocheting lead guitar part. In the final minute, distortion and a blasting saxophone swell into a Montgomery [...]

Arts Roundup: Hirshhorn Shakeup Edition

After an inconclusive Hirshhorn vote on the Bloomberg Balloon/Bubble, Hirshhorn Director Richard Koshalek resigns. [Arts Desk]
Phil Kennicott's reaction: "If [Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne] Clough votes down the Bubble, it will send a clear and chilling message to other Smithsonian entities and to anyone who is courted to replace Koshalek." [Post]
Columnist John Kelly makes a D.C. [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs For Getting Stoned And Making Zines

Check out the sweaters on sale at Macy's—the '90s are in. The entire winter wardrobe at most department stores looks like an unintentional tribute to Kurt Cobain lately. It's time for flannel, Matador LPs, Reality Bites on VHS, and most importantly, smoking a joint while putting together a zine. Rad self-made chapbooks have been lost [...]