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A Brief Introduction to SwagHeemHoops

Rap/R&B crew SwagHeemHoops has posted dozens and dozens of no-budget videos on its YouTube page over the past year or so. As is clear in the examples below, the product's quality is always questionable, but the Greenbelt, Md., group's hunger for attention is certainly not. A very short email interview with group member Dylan "PrinceDylannova" [...]

Can Joe Pug Save Folk Music?

Social commentary, especially in music, is a tricky act: too blunt, audience rolls its eyes; too fine, audience scratches its head. "Whitman once explained that poetry's not supposed to confuse people," Joe Pug–local boy and folk icon-in-waiting–said in an interview last summer. At the same time, musicians that merely trot out talking points or shout [...]