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Black Cat Celebrates Its 20th Birthday With a Bunch of Bands You Know

Pull out your party hats: The Black Cat turns 20 this year.
In September 1993, the Black Cat opened on a different part of a very different 14th Street NW. Over the years, it's weathered hurdle after hurdle: urban blight, an influx of competing venues, false rumors of Black Cat Bill's death, rampant condofication, small plates—and has [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: D.C.-Set TV Shows, a Fringe Post-Mortem, Mission for Christ, and the Renwick

Will TV ever get D.C. right? Frankly, that was never the point, argues Tom Carson in his essay on Washington-set TV shows on the cover of this week's Washington City Paper. Leading the arts section is Chris Klimek's wrap-up on the seventh Capital Fringe Festival—which, he argues, finally feels professional. Derek Hills breaks down the [...]

Tonight: Gray Matter Reissue Party @ Black Cat

Ask veterans of Dischord Records, and they'll tell you that 1985 was their Summer of Love. It was the "Revolution Summer," when strands of D.C.'s punk scene cohered into the forward-thinking, inward-looking sound—epitomized by Embrace, Rites of Spring, and others—by which the label made its bones. A pedant might say it was the moment when [...]

DC Punk 2008 Part 2: John Stabb

Second in a series of 6 articles, movie buff John Stabb of G.I. on his favorite film and show of 2008.
Best film: Iron Man. Surprisingly a far better comic book superhero story than the latest Batman one, The Dark Knight (even though Heath Ledger's wonderful portrayal of The Joker was creepy-crawly cool!) which could've been [...]