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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Trickster Illustrator Michael Auger

Freelance illustrator Michael Auger may be the most local cartoonist we've interviewed so far: He was born in D.C., grew up in Rockville, and lives now in Gaithersburg. Auger illustrated "Waynoabozhoo and the Geese" for the Trickster anthology.
Washington City Paper: What [...]

This Week in Film: Kick-Ass and The Secret in Their Eyes

Though Kick-Ass is named after its titular teen protagonist's superhero alter ego, it is another character—an 11-year old girl named Mindy—who steals the show. Chloe Moretz plays Mindy/Hit-Girl, daughter of Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy and ultimate comrade to Dave Lizewski's Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson). Lizewski's back story and lone fights are nothing to write home about [...]

Shutter Island, Version 2.0: The Graphic Novel by Christian De Metter

Perhaps you saw Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island this weekend, and you're wanting more. Or maybe you've been unable to watch a DiCaprio movie since Titanic, but you're still interested in the noir story. We're here to help. French cartoonist Christian De Metter adapted Shutter Island (TOKYOPop, $21.99) into a graphic novel from Dennis Lehane's [...]