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Wish Granted: The District’s 2014 Arts Grants, In Short

Each year, the District’s Commission on the Arts and Humanities gives away millions of dollars in grants to local artists and nonprofit arts organizations. The city agency hasn’t been especially well-funded in recent years—with the exception of FY 2013, when the D.C. Council gifted it a one-time $6.8 million bonus, bringing the total grants budget [...]

Money For Something

Last week, the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities announced it would distribute about $4.2 million in taxpayer-funded grants to D.C. arts programs, art-makers, and arts organizations this fiscal year. What were some of the ways the money was spent? On go-go education, war photography,weird theater, an art party in Anacostia, short films, free [...]

Arts Roundup: Songs Jay Reatard Left Behind Edition

Good morning!
There will be a memorial on Saturday in Memphis for garage rocker Jay Reatard, who died early Wednesday morning at 29. Already, it appears Reatard left behind at least some unreleased material. To start, there's "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle," a Nirvana cover that popped up on his Web site yesterday. Another cover [...]