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ToDo ToDay: “Real Pirates” and Grandmaster Flash

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a Goonie and spending a whole day exploring One-Eyed Willie’s ship? In 1984, Barry Clifford got to be that guy. A new exhibition at National Geographic, "Real Pirates," explores Clifford’s discovery of a three-masted, 300-ton former slave ship called the Whydah. Nearly three centuries later after it first sailed, the [...]

Byrdland: Why Donald Byrd Mattered to Jazz, Its Legitimacy, and D.C.

When news of Donald Byrd’s death was finally confirmed by major news outlets on Monday, it had been four days since his nephew by marriage, the jazz pianist Alex Bugnon, had announced his passing on Facebook. Byrd—a trumpeter, composer, educator, and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master who was the founding director of Howard [...]

Afrika Bambaataa: Young Rappers Need Teachin’

Hip-hop is all about bragging rights: who's got the biggest chain, the iciest wrist, and the best rhymes. So how's this for a brag: Afrika Bambaataa helped create hip-hop, a perch only a few can claim.
His use of electronics not only crystallized hip-hop's electro-funk sound, it set the course for the creation of electronic dance [...]

Festival Watch: Bloc Fest, Chaos in Tejas, Fantasy Coachella

Bloc Festival 2010: Your pals at Festival Watch like to keep you informed about things that don’t happen in this country. Maybe it’s 'cause we’re jealous that we can’t really afford to go to them—and are hoping that we can live vicariously through those of you who can.
Anyway. If there’s ever been a festival that [...]