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ToDo ToDay: Mean Jeans, Dr. Dubenstein, and Graffiato’s Industry Takeover

Kick off the month with pop-punk power chords.

ToDo ToDay: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Priests, and Graffiato Industry Night

Nine years. That’s how much time has elapsed since the release of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s self-titled debut, a wonderful record of wistful, jangly indie pop that should have been the jumping off point for a long, brilliant career in music. But it didn’t exactly go that way. After a poorly received sophomore LP [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Roadmaps and Diaries II,” Chick Corea, and Graffiato Industry Night

Despite her degrees from Yale and the New England Conservatory, classically trained violinist Monica Germino wasn’t content performing centuries-old orchestral works. So, like Dylan at Newport in 1965, she went electric, commissioning her own model of electric violin and working with experimental Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. Tonight at Atlas, she’ll present “Road Maps and Diaries [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Afrofuturism,” White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, and Roddy Doyle

"Black to the Future” is not only an excellent pun, it’s also part of the name bestowed upon one of D.C.’s more bizarre Black History Month shows. "Afrofuturism: Artists From Three Continents Explore 'Black to the Future'" features work from Ghanaian multimedia artist Bernard Akoi-Jackson, German painter Daniel Kojo Schrade, and American sculptor Adejoke Tugbiyele. [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Puppetry in America,” Middle Earth Mondays, and a Graffiato Party

These days, elected officials aren’t the only puppets in town. For its latest exhibit, “Puppetry in America,” the National Museum of American History has gathered a variety of puppets spanning 160 years. Yes, America’s favorite fleecy amphibian makes an appearance. Read more >>> The exhibit is on view daily 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to March [...]

ToDo ToDay: Philip Caputo and Kevin Powers, Big Freedia, and Appropriate

If you’re not big on war literature, the PEN/Faulkner Foundation may encourage you to reconsider when it hosts a dual reading by Philip Caputo and Kevin Powers, two authors who have published acclaimed works based on their military experiences. Neither Caputo nor Powers intended to chronicle the history of those wars, nor do they believe that [...]

ToDo ToDay: Mountain Goats! Punk Karaoke!

This is John Darnielle’s chance to get away from himself. The mythology of the Mountain Goats frontman—former drug fiend, former abused stepson, and current acoustic-guitar throttler—has dominated his band’s material for much of the past decade, but on its current tour, those tales might take a backseat. At this performance, it’s just Darnielle and longtime bassist [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Rock! Industry Takeover Night at Graffiato!

Since its founding in 1986, Washington Stage Guild has made its name by presenting the complete works of George Bernard Shaw and T.S. Eliot. The company rounds out the Eliot canon with its ongoing production of his final play, The Elder Statesman (shown), but it’s tossing in one more Eliot work for good measure: a staged [...]

ToDo ToDay: Trinidad James and Top Chef Alumni

Trinidad James’ credentials are easy to pick apart: He didn’t know how to rap until 2011, he made his name on YouTube, and his most successful mixtape bears the ridiculous acronym Don’t Be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive as Fuck Everyday). He’s a post-2Chainz, second-wave-of-gold-jewelry revivalist; I’ll be surprised if he’s on anyone’s radar this time next year. Yet [...]