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ToDo ToDay: Jared Diamond! Free Wine!

Is there anything humans living in the 21st century can learn from the traditional societies that came before us? Best-selling author Jared Diamond believes we can. His latest book, The World Until Yesterday: Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?, considers the last 11,000 years an evolutionary eye-blink during which modern societies have gone from traditional and very [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 3-9: Shit D.C. Jazz Musicians Play

Happy New Year, folks! Thought I'd ring in 2013 with a headline that screams 2011. That said, two of my picks below feature D.C. jazz musicians, so it works, right?

Friday, Jan. 4
We don't hear enough from the trio that jump-started the new Silver Age of D.C. jazz. Yes, it was The Young Lions who in [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Berklee World Jazz Nonet

As on its first night, the action on the DC Jazz Festival's second night is at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage.
The Berklee World Jazz Nonet, ironically, shows the importance in jazz of the Boston-based Berklee School of Music's crosstown rival, the New England Conservatory. NEC's president Gunther Schuller created a program at the school called [...]