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Photos: I:Scintilla @ Spellbound DC

It's vaguely surprising to me to see Chicago's I:Scintilla playing at a basement bar's goth night rather than at an actual rock club. Their music is nothing if not accessible, full of catchy melodies, big rhythms, and frontwoman Brittany Bindrim's excellent vocals—all served up with an energetic and infectious stage presence. But there they were [...]

Photos: Hanzel und Gretyl @ Jaxx

New York's Hanzel und Gretyl are a thoroughly ridiculous band in music, lyric (their latest big hit? "Fukken Uber Death Party"), and imagery. Luckily, they know it, and they don't take themselves seriously at all. As a result, a show that would just be utterly laughable is, well, still laughable, but also big fun.
More photos [...]