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Arts Roundup: Sacred Cows Edition

Tyler Green fears for the museum part of the Corcoran's mission. [Modern Art Notes]
Michael Dirda on Gore Vidal: "the worldly Mr. Vidal provoked controversy with his laissez-faire attitude toward every sort of sexuality, his well-reasoned disgust with what he called American imperialism and his sophisticated cynicism about love, religion, patriotism and other sacred cows." [Post]
Christopher [...]

Gore Vidal, 1925-2012

Gore Vidal—novelist, essayist, contrarian of the pre-Slate-contrarianism era, source of Michelle Bachmann's conservative awakening, squabbler with Norman Mailer, squabbler with William F. Buckley, squabbler with Christopher Hitchens, squabbler with most interviewers in his later years, gay literature pioneer, failed political candidate, screenwriter, author of the novel that inspired what's considered by many to be among [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Sen. Robert Byrd Will Not Be Attending the All Good Festival’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*The Daily Caller roasts Sen. Robert Byrd on the occasion of his death. Apart from the nominally provocative use of epithets like "woodhicks" to describe the late senator's constituents, Tucker Carlson's online publication also unearths what must stand as the angriest-looking photograph of latter-day Byrd (in keeping with the article's [...]