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The Boxer Rebellion on Its High-Emotional Rock: “We Want to Make Sure We Get a Buzz Off It”

Coordinating interviews with overseas talent means tedious logistics and early alarms. My wife asks why there's already stale coffee upon waking and I cite an early interview with The Boxer Rebellion. She knows the one song.
It's midday in the United Kingdom and guitarist Todd Howe is direct and self-assured. He's having a good summer. He’s [...]

Going the Distance Cast Talks About the Economy, Ensembles, and Why Applegate Refused to Stare at Long’s Naked Ass

Forgive Going the Distance its dash-into-the-airport scene. Because — spoiler alert! — for a good chunk of this romantic comedy, things don't work out for Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long), a couple who meets cute in New York six weeks before Erin is planning to move back to San Francisco. Jobs aren't landed, [...]