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Arts Roundup: Liner Notes Edition

Plus: Three shot and wounded after a go-go show at the State Theatre.

At Reeves Center, Demonstrators Say Muriel Bowser’s ‘Gotta Go-Go’

Demonstrators expressed their frustration with Bowser on Saturday, one go-go chant at a time.

Listen: Backyard Band Covers Adele’s ‘Hello’

Adele gets the go-go treatment.

After 21 Years in Business, P.A. Palace Closes Its Last Store

The go-go purveyor will continue to sell new and old recordings via download and mail order.

The Howard Theatre Hosts its First Bounce Beat Go-Go Show Tomorrow

"To be playing on this show means so much to me. It's like a basketball player playing at Madison Square Garden.”

Marion Barry will Get a Go-Go Celebration at Ibiza

Marion Barry's son and kidney donor will get awards.

What Chel’e P., “Queen of Go-Go Soul,” Meant to the Local Go-Go Scene

The well-loved singer and actress died last Tuesday.

Chuck Brown’s Last Album of New Music Drops in August

It's been more than two years since D.C. lost Chuck Brown, but his legacy here is as tangible—and audible—as ever. Heightened policing and unfriendly regulations are making it harder to see go-go in an official venue, but it's an ever-present sound on the streets, especially in summer, bounding from car windows and wafting through open storefront doors. The city's heart [...]

Arts Roundup: Pinball Drop Edition

Netflix shakes down Maryland for more House of Cards tax breaks. [AP]
The owner of the Pinball Museum, formerly of Georgetown and Baltimore, is selling off his pinball machines. [WTOP]
Ron Moten and go-go supporters battle Prince George's County on go-go. [NBC 4]
University of Maryland to host symposium on issues in black theater. [WAMU]
The D.C. Docent chimes [...]

Arts Roundup: Up Yours, Snow Edition

Architectural firm picked to redesign Martin Luther King Jr. Library. [Housing Complex]
The prez loves his HBO drama series. [Huffington Post]
Netflix is ramping up its lobbying efforts on the Hill. [CPI via Huffington Post]
Woolly Mammoth is like, "F a snowstorm." [Post]
A new book prize honors deceased Politics & Prose co-owner Carla Furstenberg Cohen. [Post]
Ron Moten releases [...]