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Eli Janney Drafted for Seth Meyers’ Late Night Band

Girls Against Boys member, studio engineer, and D.C. native Eli Janney has joined the house band for Seth Meyers' new late-night talk show. Janney will play keyboards in the group led by Portlandia co-creator and SNL vet Fred Armisen.
Meyers tweeted a photo of the new ensemble—called the 8G Band With Fred Armisen—yesterday afternoon. Also joining the [...]

Black Cat Celebrates Its 20th Birthday With a Bunch of Bands You Know

Pull out your party hats: The Black Cat turns 20 this year.
In September 1993, the Black Cat opened on a different part of a very different 14th Street NW. Over the years, it's weathered hurdle after hurdle: urban blight, an influx of competing venues, false rumors of Black Cat Bill's death, rampant condofication, small plates—and has [...]

Listen: Girls Against Boys, “It’s a Diamond Life”

Oh haaay, Girls Against Boys is back. The New York-via-D.C. post-hardcore band, rested after a decade-long hiatus, has released a comeback single, the meaty "It's a Diamond Life." It's the band's first single since its 2002 LP You Can't Fight What You Can't See.
Girls Against Boys embarks on an international tour this spring with a Sept. 13 [...]