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Comedian Gilbert Gottfried: “All of the Curse Words Are Enjoyable To Me”

When I first picked up the phone to talk to Gilbert Gottfried, I was taken aback: The prolific comedian/actor/writer/outrageous personality sounds nothing like the infamous shrieky schtick he’s known for. Instead, he sounds something more like a cross between Diane Rehm and Perry Como. He speaks softly, slowly, and graciously, like a humble grandfather.
But make [...]

Popped: Cherry Red, D.C.’s Most Debaucherous Theater Troupe, Hangs It Up

One evening in June 2000, in the black-box theater in the recesses of the now-shuttered Metro Café on 14th Street NW, a stuffed cat drenched in fake blood soared over the audience—just as it did every other night during the monthlong run of Cherry Red Productions’ Zombie Attack! But at this particular performance, the sanguinary plush [...]

Cherry Red Productions to Go Out in Nasty Style

It's an old vaudeville story: An actor, nearly penniless and struggling to feed his family, walks into a talent agent's office with a new pitch.
"My whole family is involved in this one," the actor says.
"I don't represent family acts," the agent replies. But the performer is insistent, he won't leave the agent's office without telling [...]