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Sonic Circuits Announces (Sort Of) Prog-Heavy 2010 Lineup

Sonic Circuits announced part of its 2010 festival lineup today, and the headliners may come as a surprise: French giants Magma (whose drummer and bandleader, Christian Vander, is pictured above) heads up the bill. Magma are legends in prog-rock circles, essentially creating their own indescribable genre of rock music, "zeuhl," in the early 1970s. Zeuhl [...]

Gestures Release EP/Perform at Dupont Circle Tomorrow

Tomorrow night Gestures–D.C.'s second-best-use-of-air-pressure and only punk-rock brass band–will celebrate the completion of its debut EP, Nice, in a time-honored fashion beloved by any musician who has just spent tall paper recording and pressing a record.
In other words, they'll go busking.
The sextet–which features drums, tuba, saxophone, clarinet and two drummers–will perform live tomorrow night on [...]

Rodriguez w/ Gestures Horns @ Rock & Roll Hotel

In 1970, when Sixto Rodgriguez released his debut LP Cold Fact, U.S. listeners likely dismissed the Detroit-based psych-folk singer as an angrier, gritter, version of Donovan. Well, the few that heard him did, anyway. But an ocean away, unbeknownst to Rodriguez, Cold Fact made a larger impression. He made it onto the radio in Australia [...]

Capillary Action: Avant-Rock at the Black Cat Tonight

Sometime last year, Philadelphia avant-rock group Capillary Action sent me a copy of their latest album, So Embarrassing, for review at Ground & Sky. I listened to it and was so completely bewildered that I had no idea what to write, and ended up never writing anything (sorry fellas). But this is more a sign [...]