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Chicago in the House: Jazz Setlist, April 9-15

A stoned jazz freakout and a 50-year-old hit, "The In Crowd," come to D.C.

DC Jazz Festival: A Conversation with Black Host’s Gerald Cleaver

Black Host is the brainchild of drummer Gerald Cleaver, one of the most technically proficient, versatile, and all-around enticing traps players in the world today. The quintet itself includes alto saxophonist Darius Jones, guitarist Brandon Seabrook, keyboardist Cooper-Moore, and bassist Pascal Niggenkemper. Their 2013 debut recording, Life in the Sugar Candle Mines, is so laden [...]

Jazz Setlist, December 13-19: Braxtoniana

Thursday, December 13
The extraordinary performance by the Mary Halvorson Quintet last night was a triumph for its leader/guitarist—but it also betrayed her bassist, John Hébert, as something of a secret weapon. Hébert showed himself to be an extremely dexterous and imaginative player with an elastic sense of time and melodic interpretation. He injects these same qualities [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 3-9: Jazziversaries

Friday, May 4
Miles Davis' classic Second Quintet lasted just four years. John Coltrane's great quartet lasted three. No matter how magical a jazz band's chemistry, it's hard to hold together that group of varying personalities, egos, and visions. So it says something that the magnificent trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and his quintet have stayed together five [...]

Jazz Setlist, Nov. 24-Dec. 1: Thanksgiving-Challenged Edition

Yes, Turkey Day is here! And what else can that mean but that jazz clubs close for the holiday, and when they open back up for the weekend many of us won't be in town to go to them? So while there's a pretty good option for the Thanksgiving nontravelers, most of the action comes [...]