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Paint Branch, I Wanna Live, Reviewed

Small stakes and musical amity can be a recipe for mush, and that's why a lot of bands are over before they begin. But adding a calm "why not" to a mature "what if" can work, especially if everybody is relatively free of hangups. So it goes for John Davis and Chris Richards, two former [...]

Listen: Previously Unheard Music From Velocity Girl and Georgie James

D.C.'s abundance of indie rockers-slash-engineers is probably good for lots of things, but on a punishing workday, it's definitely this: Soundcloud ear candy. First up, this previously unheard mix, posted by Velocity Girl's Archie Moore, of the noise-pop band's 1992 suite "Warm/Crawl." WCP office policy usually prohibits recreational streaming, but systems administrator (and Velocity Girl [...]

John Davis Performs John Davis at Story/Stereo Season-Opener

The Writer's Center's Story/Stereo series, our favorite free live-music program not set in the summer months, will begin its second season Sept. 3 with a performance from John Davis, the former Q and Not U and Georgie James member and current Title Tracks leader. And he'll be playing songs from all three groups. It's the [...]

This Week in Music: Reviews of Title Tracks and New York Art Quartet

It Was Easy, the debut from John Davis' solo project Title Tracks, is deceptively named. Bitter and cryptic couplets make up the majority of the album, which emerges two years after Davis' previous band, Georgie James, dissolved. According to critic Ben Westhoff, Davis is one of the greatest indie talents to come out of the [...]

Georgie James’ Laura Burhenn Gets Soulful with Mynabirds

Careful observers will note that since the breakup of D.C.'s Georgie James in 2008, both of its principal members have turned to heartbroken themes and classicist pop songcraft. On the upcoming debut album of his band Title Tracks, John Davis draws deeply from '70s power-pop and late-'60s garage rock—an infectious, tightly knit but elemental sound [...]

Title Tracks’ Debut Album Leaks Two Months Early

UPDATE: Ernest Jenning Record Co.'s  Peter D'Angelo says the record wasn't leaked by the press. See bottom of post.

There's good reason to be excited for the debut album by Title Tracks, the latest project of former Q and Not U and Georgie James member John Davis. Officially, It Was Easy won't drop until Feb. 9 [...]

Title Tracks Drummer Andrew Black Releases 7″ of Drum Breaks

Musical inspiration and theft often go hand in hand, but most of the time the crimes tend to be immaterial—a lifted chord progression or a borrowed melody. The theft that kicked off AB’s Original Breaks, however, is not the sort of thing that could be explained away as homage.
“I had a laptop stolen from me,” says drummer [...]

Tonight: Laura Burhenn @ Rock N Roll Hotel

Fresh off a West Coast tour with Orenda Fink (formerly of Azure Ray) Laura Burhenn (formerly of Georgie James) will be opening for the Whispertown 2000 and the other half of Azure Ray, Maria Taylor, tonight at the Rock N Roll Hotel.
Laura plans to roll out some new material with drummer Elmer Sharp.

Tickets are $12 [...]