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…just visiting three by Zo!, Reviewed

In this era of flashy skinny-jean music, someone like Silver Spring's Zo! could get lost in the shuffle: His brand of glossy soul music is more suited for aging two-steppers than bright-eyed adolescents. There are no explicit sexual references. No one's smoking weed, popping bottles, or getting killed.
The Detroit native is the opposite, opting for [...]

The Sleigher: The Boy Least Likely To’s “George and Andrew”

HO HO WHO?: The English duo The Boy Least Likely To shatter conventional notions of twee acceptability. The band’s precious lyrics and generous helpings of  glockenspiel are enough to induce a Benjamin Button-like regression, exploring as they do the nuances of playground politics and monsters under the bed. The group's just released its third album, [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Anglo-Spanish Rivalry in Colonial Southeast America, 1650-1725, by Timothy Paul Grady.
I was having dinner (or was it lunch?) the other day with a friend. We had sushi (unless, maybe, we had Mexican). After lunch, we went for dessert (cupcakes? Or was it [...]