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George Mason University Partners With Flashpoint

Here's the first big surprise move on the D.C. art scene in 2014: George Mason University is teaming up with Flashpoint, the gallery run by CulturalDC. In a move announced earlier this month, George Mason University's School of Art and arts management program will work with CulturalDC staff and Flashpoint artists to program exhibits, or [...]

Arts Roundup: Suburbs + Dubstep = Good? Edition

Peter Marks: Round House Theatre's new producing artistic director, Ryan Rilette, could put the suburban company on the same level as Studio Theatre and Arena Stage [Post]
Chris Richards profiles Martyn, the talented Dutch dubsteppish producer who resides in Northern Virginia—and recently became a U.S. citizen [Post]
Eisenhower Memorial's metal tapestries may be unsafe, report says [DCist]
George [...]

Theater of the First Amendment Folds

This is the time of year theaters like to puff up their feathers. But today's announcement from Theater of the First Amendant isn't the unveiling of the company's next season.
Instead, it's the sad news that there won't be one: After the 22 seasons, the professional company based at George Mason University is closing its doors.
Although the [...]

It’s Easy on the Eyes: River North Chicago Dance Performs Tonight

Last year, I interviewed Tom Reynolds, George Mason University’s director of artistic programming, marketing, and audience services, for a story about what Washington's dance watchers tend to favor. As part of our discussion, he mentioned a dance company he’d recently come across and completely fell in love with.
“I came back and said, ‘I don’t care [...]

Remembering Dan Tulk

The news came Wednesday night via e-mail: Dan Tulk had been killed in a car accident. It’s understandable if his name doesn’t ring a bell. Local arts coverage tends to shine brightest on a select few, and Tulk was an emerging artist, just stepping into the faint edge of the [...]

Mark Morris Dance Group at GMU Tonight and Tomorrow

A couple of years ago, the Kennedy Center’s president, Michael Kaiser, remarked in a Huffington Post blog piece about his worries for the future of modern dance.
“Virtually every great modern dance company was founded more than 40 years ago. Where is the current, not to mention next, generation of great modern dance companies to carry [...]

Afro-Peru: Eva Ayllon and Peru Negro at George Mason Saturday

Afro-Peruvian slaves toiling in the silver mines and sugar plantations were barred access to drums, so they had to make do with what they had around them—wooden boxes called cajon and donkey jawbones.  Centuries later, singer Eva Ayllon and music and dance ensemble Peru Negro will bring those Peruvian percussion instruments and more to the [...]