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ToDo ToDay: The Chuck Brown Band, Trillectro, and George Clinton

The Godfather of Go-Go would have turned 78 on Friday, Aug. 22. Tonight, two years after his death, his final album of new music, Beautiful Life, will be feted at a release concert featuring the Chuck Brown Band and special guests. True to Brown’s modus operandi, Beautiful Life incorporates songs and stylings from multiple decades of African-American popular [...]

Arts Roundup: Big Hot Mess Edition

Love's liquor license suspended for a whole lot of unpaid taxes. [Post]
Courtland Milloy: Howard University's YardFest is a shame. [Post]
Chris Brown's uncle doubts that his nephew would have hit that guy in front of the W Hotel. [WJLA]
Nevertheless, Brown checks into rehab after his D.C. arrest. [Post]
Blues Alley temporarily closes for repairs, cancelling some shows. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Libraries for All! DGS Happy Hour! George Clinton!

After spending much of the 1990s working as a Microsoft corporate executive, John Wood decided to take a vacation and trek through the Himalayas. When he visited a school in Nepal and saw that it was lacking books for its students, he found a new calling and later returned to the school with a donation [...]

ToDo ToDay: Wind Me Up Again

In coming years D.C. may see  a Chuck Brown memorial in Langdon Park, but for now, if you want to remember the Godfather of Go-Go, you won't go wrong going to the Howard Theatre's "Wind Me Up, Chuck! Mondays." The regular concerts—they're calling them "endearing legacy" shows—will feature members of The Chuck Brown Band alongside musicians [...]

Howard Theatre Announces “Wind Me Up, Chuck! Mondays”

Fresh off the heels of Mayor Vince Gray's announcement of a Chuck Brown memorial in Langdon Park, The Howard Theatre has announced a new series, "Wind Me Up, Chuck! Mondays." The regular concerts—they're calling them "endearing legacy" shows—will feature members of The Chuck Brown Band alongside musicians who inspired or were inspired by the godfather [...]

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ 9:30 Club

Dr. Funkenstein. The Godfather of Funk. The cool ghoul with the funk transplant. Whatever name you know George Clinton by, when he and the massive collective that makes up Parliment Funkadelic come to town, especially to Washington, D.C., "One Nation Under a Groove" takes on a higher meaning. And on Tuesday, the 71-year-old Clinton and [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Alvin Ailey Dance Begins Tonight

Israeli-style gaga, a 20th-century classic by choreographer Paul Taylor, and Philadelphia hip-hop. Which is more surprising: That one dance company would perform all three? Or that the troupe in question is Alvin Ailey Dance Theater? The predominately African-American company comes to the Kennedy Center each year, but this 2012 visit is the troupe’s first under [...]

Cue the Sad Mothership

With its leader, George Clinton, sidelined with a staph infection, Parliament-Funkadelic won't be performing for free this Sunday in Rockville, which is too bad. But! The City of Rockville has found a replacement in bluesman Taj Mahal, according to a press release. A decent sweetener, but we still want the funk.

Arts Roundup: Intergalactic Acquisition Edition

The Mothership Has Landed: Well, a mothership has landed. Chris Richards reports that the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, set to open in 2015, has acquired the prop space ship that Parliament-Funkadelic used in its live shows. This isn't the original mothership, which was dumped in a Prince Georges County scrap [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Film Criticism is Dead’ Edition

Mornin' folks!
Film criticism is dead! Brandeis professor Thomas Doherty has the scoop in the Chronicle Review. Whodunit? Doherty's theory: Blogs, on the Internet, with the Endless Waves of Unlearned Ranting. To illustrate this, Doherty points us to an example of a fan/critic site that apparently has not been redesigned since 1996. The rhetoric of blog-based [...]