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Jazz Setlist, January 9-15: Potpourri

Thursday, Jan. 9
There are often (but not always) two separate audiences for vocal jazz and instrumental jazz, and it may seem as though the newly established Dukem Jazz is aiming for the former. After all, its first month of existence was entirely given over to singers, Akua Allrich and Sharon Clark. Admittedly, both of these [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 24-30: Potpourri

Thursday, Jan. 24
The Smithsonian's American Art Museum runs jazz performances in its Kogod Courtyard every third Thursday, but this year it's trying a novel sort of series. Local musicians are taking on the music of jazz greats, living and dead, with local and legend matched by instrument (trumpeters covering trumpeters, pianists covering pianists, etc.). This [...]

Jazz Setlist, June 21-27: Nordica!

Thursday, June 21
There's a pianist in town who hasn't gotten nearly enough attention in this column, and his name is Gene D'Andrea. He's a thoughtful, unassuming fellow who's nonetheless a monster on the keyboard: incredible speed and imagination, a unique way of shaping a melody in an improvisation—one that always keeps one ear to the [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 26-May 2: Something Different

The DC Jazz Composer's Collective—saxophonist Bobby Muncy, bassist Kevin Pace, and pianist Gene D'Andrea—have already played two gigs since their official incorporation as an educational nonprofit. But while those performances have highlighted the collective's own original compositions, they haven't focused on the DCJCC's overall goal of promoting a whole city's worth of jazz composers. Washington [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 1-7: Collectivity

Thursday, March 1
Last year, a close-knit group of three jazz musicians with a passion for writing original music came together in an official capacity. They formed the D.C. Jazz Composers Collectve, a nonprofit organization designed to promote new and original music as well educate aspiring composers and the jazz-listening public. Bassist Kevin Pace, pianist Gene [...]

Three D.C. Jazz Musicians Found Composers Collective

Bassist Kevin Pace, pianist Gene D'Andrea, and tenor saxophonist Bobby Muncy have for several years collaborated on a project to create and perform all original music in the jazz establishments of Washington, D.C. You may have seen them working at Utopia under Muncy's leadership. But the partnership has always been a marriage of creative equals, [...]

D.C. Jazz Loft: Wow

It wasn't in a high-profile venue—just a small artists' studio, tucked away in Mount Vernon Square—but last night's D.C. Jazz Loft was the showcase that the local jazz scene has needed for years.
Presented by CapitalBop (which is to say: Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart, the site's staff), the Jazz Loft was an evening-long concert featuring five [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 28–Nov. 3: Midterm Edition

Setlist is in a quandary this week, D.C. You see, an emerging saxophone talent by the name of Benny Sharoni is performing Tuesday night (Nov. 2) with his quartet at Blues Alley, 8 and 10 p.m. He plays lilting mainstream jazz with a big, full, open sax tone that deserves your ears. But on [...]

Bad Week for Bassists: Kevin Pace Quintet Out at POV

Butch Warren has a companion in the One Less Gig Department—another bassist-bandleader, at that. Kevin Pace reports that his quintet has been cut loose from its Friday night stand at POV, the rooftop terrace lounge at the W Hotel near the White House.
"We got canned for a DJ," says Pace. "It seems that two DJs [...]

Jazz Setlist, July 9-14: Dog Days

July is the slowest month for jazz in D.C., and this year it's no wonder: Who wants to leave their nice air-conditioned homes? Still, there's good music to be found.
Kevin Pace will surprise you. He looks like a mild-mannered fellow, gracious and thoughtful—and he is. But Pace is a crack bassist—one of the best in [...]