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The Trouble With Fat Trel’s Semen-Centric Cover Art

I’m partial to rappers who know how to self-deprecate. Lil’ Wayne embraces his stature; Ol’ Dirty Bastard knew he was a creep. In an art form frequently powered by braggadocio, a little real-talk is refreshing.
So I’ve been poised to love Fat Trel from the start. His moniker rings true—Trel’s carrying a few extra, heavily tattooed [...]

Holy Gender Politics, Batman! How a D.C. Punk’s Music Video Sparked an Identity Controversy

The Gay Issue

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Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
How the gay theater movement became mainstream
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

It was the shot Tumbld ’round the world.
A scene in a music video, “Sexy Dreams,” showed a young man in a wig wrapping his [...]