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Photos of Awesome Con at the Convention Center

William Shatner, R2D2, the Lego Avengers, Kevin Eastman, and more

Year Two of Awesome Con Was Bigger, But Was It Better?

"Last year this was a local convention. This year, it's a national convention," said Awesome Con co-founder Steve Anderson at the convention, which took place this past weekend.
The numbers may back him up. The District's fledgling comic-con saw at least 250 percent more attendees this year, its second year of existence. Sunday estimates from the ticket counter suggest that [...]

Le Geek, C’est Chic: An Awesome Con Venn Diagram

Once relegated to the D-list gym teams and the lunch tables closest to the garbage cans, misfits and superfans of every breed have reclaimed the “nerd” word and made geek culture into its own cool kids’ club. There’s internal stratification (based on niche knowledge and gaming ability), barriers to entry (can you make a realistic [...]

Wherefore Shakespeare in Klingon? Elementary, My Dear Watson

This, this is the problem, this right here: "In one of the Star Trek movies," which I, Steve Inskeep, won't even go to the trouble of naming, but HINT, it's the one with the Hamlet quote cleverly buried in the title of frakking film: It's the original-cast Trek finale, No. 6, The Undiscovered Country. [...]