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Oh Barbie You, You’ve Got What I Need: Biz Markie Takes His Talents to R Street

Those jerks at Gawker caught the episode of Celebrity House Hunting that all of us in the District surely missed last night while we were celebrating another big Caps win. Let's thank Gawker for watching bad television so we don't have to, because last night's ep saw one very special celebrity hunting for a house [...]

D.C. Is America’s Best Political Subdivision (By Default)

America! Who needs it? It's merely an insane collection of 50 divergent personalities who like to send their biggest blowhards to our city in vain attempts to transform the rest of the country into something that looks more like their backwater locales. (Do we really want to live in a world lorded by the principles [...]

Gawker Users Really Love Fugazi

You probably read that Gawker, the snarky Manhattan media/gossip site that everyone reads, was hacked over the weekend, and the passwords of many, many users were compromised.
Apparently whatever security the site had in place posed only a (wait for it) minor threat to the offenders, who disseminated a file containing some of the decrypted passwords [...]

Gawker: You’re Not That Cool

DCist rightfully snarked on Gawker's snarking about how D.C. is not cool. The Gawker rant, "Cheer Up, DC Will Never Bo Cool," just isn't serious enough to merit much attention.
But this point was sorta dead on:
"Sure, 30 years ago DC had Bad Brains and Minor Threat, and today it still has, uh, Ian Svenonius (the [...]