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One Track Mind: M.O.T.M., “Aracari”

Standout Track: No. 1, “Aracari,” whose tropical dance groove evokes exotic beaches and rushing waves. Scant drums and bird sounds give way to a rising kalimba and pneumatic vocals—both sail gently throughout—providing an aerial take on sunshine and warm breezes. It’s the A-side of a new EP from M.O.T.M., the Columbia Heights production duo of Gavin [...]

ToDo ToDay: Humble Fire and Priests! Norma Rae!

A great Fort Reno show requires variety, and tonight's lineup with punk wailers Priests, dream-rock act Humble Fire, and punk-rock duo The Accidentals provides exactly that. Even better, tonight’s performance is Fort Reno's 10th annual “Night of 1000 Cakes,” and baked goods will be in abundance. Read more >>> Humble Fire performs with Priests and The Accidentals at 7:15 p.m. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Gems! Chilling on a Rooftop!

Over the course of several releases, local duo Birdlips came so close to mastering a kind of bright and folky island-bound Buckingham/Nicks sound. Core band members Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher darted down to Florida to record 2011’s One Tongue, appearing to finally settle on a vaguely French, darkened-around-the-edges coastal getaway vibe. Since One Tongue, Birdlips has morphed [...]

Party Bros. Have a New Label and a Song About Malcolm X Park, Bro

Party Bros. aren't just about the partying, bro. For a while now, the D.C. house/electro duo of DJs Gavin Holland and Chris Burns have pumped out kaleidoscopic party jams, semi-ironically toasted scenester-party vapidity, and, um, partied on boats. But Party Bros. happen to have a softer, more glazed, possibly fantasy-obsessed side, which they seem to have [...]

Gavin Holland’s Disembodiment Plan

Apparently Dismemberment Plan dude Travis Morrison once had another band called the Hellfluffers or something, and they had a song called "Moneytown" that could only be heard by people with cameraphones. Not for long! When Bad Friend Records puts out its retrospective Travis Morrison Hellfighters 7-inch, the original version of "Moneytown" will be the bonus [...]

Arts Roundup: Constant (“Hide/Seek”) Comment Edition

Morning, D.C.
The National Portrait Gallery's "Hide/Seek"—which, you know, people were talking about late last year for some reason—closes after Sunday. WaPo's Jacqueline Trescott collects some of the comments visitors to the show have left, while Maura Judkis has a piece on What It All Means.
It has a very short run, so don't look for a [...]

Gavin Holland and Chris Burns Go to Narnia

As readers of this blog know, I've been digging on local electronic music with a tinge of fantasy epic lately. So I'm a little curious about "Narnia," the new weekly dance night from Party Bros. collaborators and local DJs Gavin Holland and Chris Burns.
What to expect, then? "Warm mysterious house music for the cold winter [...]

Confident About His ANC Race, DJ Gavin Holland Forgoes the Victory Party

DJ Gavin Holland didn't have a victory party planned last night, even though he was pretty sure he'd win a seat on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A. “When I throw a party, it’s a DJ thing," said the 27-year-old Columbia Heights resident, not long after polls closed. He stressed that he hadn't run as a DJ, [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 9

You know that Radio Raheem scene in Do The Right Thing? The one in which Love knocks out Hate? Far Out vs. Hot Dang is NOT like that at all. It's ALL love, people. Most of the time.

contrabassoon vs. contraforte
Who has the more intense Twitter feed, Fat Trel or Whitefolkz?

"There's a feeling of portent — [...]

Freestylin’ D.C.: Weekend Edition

For the Thursday editions of Freestylin' D.C., I'll highlight the best low-cost and free events in D.C. from tonight 'til Sunday.
Head over to Columbia Heights for final Movie Nights in the Heights event of the season . Catch Shrek at 8:30 p.m. and DJ Gavin Holland at 8 p.m. for free in the [...]