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ToDo ToDay: Paul Weller! Beyoncé!

"What’s made Paul Weller such a hero in England is his Englishness,” the dean of American rock critics, Bob Christgau, once wrote of Paul Weller when reviewing Snap, the last album by Weller’s first band, The Jam. There’s nothing novel about rockers of Weller’s generation—he's 55—continuing to record and tour. What is unusual is for punters [...]

Gauntlet Hair Really Wants to Play With Seal

It's debatable which is more striking: Gauntlet Hair's awesome name or its explosive sound. The duo of Andy R. and Craig Nice is originally from Chicago, but relocated to Colorado, which has become one of the country's leading incubators of glazed-over art pop. The group's self-titled debut, which was released in October on Dead Oceans, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: No More Grotesque Psychedelia

He might not have the same pill-popping, tormented-artist mystique as bandmate Noah Lennox, but over the years David Portner has gotten the closest a member of Animal Collective can get to being a frontman. Portner, known by his stage name, Avey Tare, has a forceful and more dynamic singing voice than the coy, withdrawn Lennox, [...]