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Don’t Be Bored: Spaced Out Desert Trip

The words “jangly” and “surf pop” are thrown around so much today, it can be difficult to tell one band from another. But California’s Ganglians do love tambourines and bells, so “jangly” is fairly literal. The band creates infectiously weird, haunting psychedelic folk rock, something like the soundtrack to a spaced-out desert trip. Ganglians’ first [...]

“What’s the Question, Again?”: A Trippy Interview with Ganglians

There are two questions Sacramento, Calif.'s Ganglians say they're asked all the time: Is the band named after ganglion cysts? (Those are gross and kind of cool, frontman Ryan Grubbs said Tuesday, but no.) Also, what's it like to trip on ayahuasca?
Grubbs said he loves talking about psychoactive drugs almost as much as taking them. But he and his [...]

Leak Proof: Clipse, Ganglians, Black Meteoric Star, Gang Gang Dance

Clipse (ft. Pharrell): "I'm Good"
Clipse has finally leaked a track from it's long-in-the-works follow up to Hell Hath No Fury and, surprisingly, it's a love song. But before you get down on the dour coke-rap duo for going gushy, keep in mind that that the object of Clipse's adoration on "I'm Good" is Clipse. Pusha [...]

New Arrivals @ Red Onion

Red Onion just updated its new arrivals list. The stacks now include the new Ganglians self-titled LP. Shop  owner Josh Harkavy endorses the album, writing:
"Sacramento's Ganglians want an island somewhere where they can soak in the sun and prowl the canopy by night. It's not often that they do get out, but they can get [...]