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Listen: Wale’s Ode to Game of Thrones, “King Slayer”

Catch the Throne, the cultural bone that HBO threw "urban" Game of Thrones viewers, was released last week, as promised. The project features 10 hip-hop and Latin music artists including Wale, who arguably offers the project’s strongest track with "King Slayer," an ode to amoral knight Jaime Lannister. Despite admitting to being an infrequent Game of Thrones [...]

Arts Roundup: ICE ICE Baby Edition

The historic Franklin School to become a contemporary art museum with rotating exhibits. [Housing Complex]
Dani Levinas, the entrepreneur and arts patron that will retool the Franklin School with his Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE), talks about the project's next steps. [Post]
But is an art museum the best use of the building? [Greater Greater Washington]
The Ex [...]

A District of Ice and Fire

It’s been a month since Game of Thrones, HBO’s fantasy series based on the novels of George R. R. Martin, wrapped up its second season. And the more we rewatch episodes via OnDemand, the more Martin’s sprawling epic of dragons, ice demons, and warring dynasties feels like an allegory for our situation here in the [...]

ToDo ToDay: Capital Pride Kicks Off

Yes, Capital Pride happens every year. But so does the Super Bowl, and we love it anyway (full disclosure: Washington City Paper is a sponsor of Capital Pride). And like the Super Bowl, Pride is getting a little more tech-savvy: Now, this two-week-long celebration of queer culture has an app. According to Pride spokesperson Missy Toms, [...]

Winter Is Bumpin': Nacey Remixes Game of Thrones Theme

For a couple months I've been agitating quietly for someone to create the Game of Thrones-themed microgenre Dothraki House. This latest bootleg remix by local DJ/producer Nacey isn't quite that, but his haunting edit does get points for making some serious rhythmic use of clashing swords.
Listen and download below.