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Did Galerie Lareuse Censor Melissa Ichiuji’s Obama Sculpture?

This is what artist Melissa Ichiuji's sculpture of President Barack Obama was supposed to look like in her exhibit at Georgetown's Galerie Lareuse.
That's not the version that wound up in the gallery.
Why? She says the gallery's owner, Jean-Michel "Meech" Lareuse, asked her to change it before she could exhibit it. She sent invitations to the show, [...]

Reviewed: Melissa Ichiuji at Galerie Lareuse

Political caricature is usually the purview of cartoonists. Melissa Ichiuji's recent work, however, dips a toe into the pool—though her pieces are more closely related to Honoré Daumier than say, Bill Day or his contemporaries. Of course, there is one principle distinction: Ichiuji's portrait busts are made from, among other things, ladies' undergarments.
"Fair Game," the series [...]