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This Week in WCP Arts: The Years of the Cat

H Street NE, which transformed quickly from a dilapidated commercial strip to a hypergentrified attractant of quirky businesses, is not immune to controversy. But there's probably one H Street story most people could agree is a success: the tale of Al, the orange tabby who lived at Palace of Wonders—then later Red Palace—during the neighborhood's [...]

Why GALA Hispanic Theatre Is Getting Occupied

Quique Avilés is not one to mince words. As MC and director of this week's "Occupy GALA" at GALA Hispanic Theatre, he makes it clear the event has no direct affiliation with the Occupy movement. "They put it out there, you know, that they have no leadership," he says. "So we kind of appropriated it for [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Company E, Really Really, Coriolanus

Amanda Abrams leads this week's arts section with her profile of Paul Emerson, an ambitious dance presenter whose last company, CityDance, folded in 2011—and whose new group, Company E, makes its D.C. premiere next week. Trey Graham reviews Signature's Really Really and Round House's Next Fall—two plays about personal crises in which the questions really count. Rebecca [...]

GALA Hispanic Theatre, Citing Shrinking Grants, Shakes Up Its Season

Earlier today, GALA Hispanic patrons got a worrysome email: Thanks to "the loss of some public funding," the Columbia Heights theater had to postpone its production of i put the fear of Mexico in 'em, an English-language play by Matthew Paul Olmos about immigration. According to GALA co-founder Rebecca Medrano, though, the changes aren't a [...]

Parsing Arena Stage’s Scheduling Changes

In today's Washington Post, Peter Marks and Jacqueline Trescott broke the announcement that Arena Stage has removed two shows from its schedule next spring. One, a musical version of the Laura Esquivel novel Like Water for Chocolate, was postponed over creative difficulties. But the other, Tazewell Thompson's new play Mary T. and Lizzy K., has been [...]

The In Series’ Love Potion #1 at GALA Hispanic Theatre, Reviewed

Is it an opera or a musical? It’s a question one could ask about the bulk of the In Series’ productions, which tend to straddle the space between the two. The series' season opener, Love Potion #1 (L’Elisir d’Amore), skews more in the musical-theater direction. And it works, taking on just enough of the Donizetti [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Gaurav Gopalan, Fela!, Moneyball

Trey Graham leads this week's arts section with his deep and affecting look at the life and final days of Garauv Gopalan, a local theatermaker who was murdered in Columbia Heights earlier this month. Bob Mondello reviews the Harman Center's Fela!, an ecstatic revolutionary musical, and Arena's Trouble in Mind, Alice Childress' backstage almost-classic about race in America. [...]

Arts Roundup: Surprise Party Edition

Grantland: The National Endowment for the Arts announced $88 million in grants yesterday, a sum that includes a few awards that will help fund the upcoming seasons at several organizations affected by cuts to the National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs grant program. The Post's Jacqueline Trescott notes that GALA Hispanic Theatre received $40,000 to [...]

Fed Up: Why Cuts to National Capital Arts Grants Are Disastrous for Small D.C. Arts Groups

When the House Appropriations Committee published the list of federal program cuts in the continuing budget resolution that averted a government shutdown earlier this month, one small cut sent a shockwave across Washington. You probably read about it.
Another got less attention.
The bill keeping the federal government open through the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year [...]

Dealing with “Aliens” (Both Sci-fi and Real) at GALA

When José Torres-Tama steps on the stage of the GALA Hispanic Theatre this Friday, he has a message he’s determined to convey. And he’s going to try to get it across any way he can–ranging from Star Wars parodies to carrying a cross covered with dollar bills.
The piece, titled “Aliens, Immigrants, & Other Evildoers” is [...]