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Photos: Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club Rehearsal

Cabaret Barroco: Interludes of Spain’s Golden Age at GALA Hispanic Theatre, Reviewed

Language is a funny thing. On one long distance bus ride in Mexico, I had the pleasure of seeing Fast Five (Rápidos y Furiosos 5) dubbed into Spanish; they took the liberty of also dubbing Don Omar and Tego Calderón’s dialogue from Puerto Rican Spanish to “normal” Spanish.
Ostensible Spanish speakers might have benefitted from similar [...]

Arts Roundup: Kennedy Center Honors Edition

This year's Kennedy Center Honorees include two Latinos, Carlos Santana and Martina Arroyo. Other recipients are Billy Joel, Herbie Hancock, and Shirley MacLaine. [New York Times]
Metro Connection on the history of Gala Hispanic Theatre and its place in D.C. [WAMU]
U Street's Duke Ellington Memorial won't be restored, but it will be replaced. [PoPville]
Arlington woman leaves $700,000 [...]

Arts Roundup: Goodnight, Roberto Edition

DC-7: The Roberto Clemente Story closes early at Gala Hispanic Theatre. [D.C. Theatre Scene]
Stream Red Hare's Nites of Midnite over at Spin—but before you do, read our review of the aggro record. [Spin]
Behold: Adams Morgan's summer concert series! [The 42]
Dave Nada makes a free mix for the rapidly approaching Moombahton Massive party at 9:30 Club. [Moombahton]
D.C. [...]

DC-7: The Roberto Clemente Story, Reviewed

History seldom gives us figures of pure good or evil, but if it ever does, it’s either through sports or politics. Such are the circumstances surrounding the death of Roberto Clemente in 1972. The baseball legend died in a plane crash delivering medical supplies to Nicaragua, which had suffered a catastrophic earthquake earlier that year. [...]

Arts Roundup: Disparaging Remarks Edition

Bad Brains' Into the Future is out today. Stream the whole thing at Spinner. [Spinner]
In a ceremony at the White House, Gala Hispanic Theatre's after-school program, Paso Nuevo, took home the 2012 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award. [PDF via Gala]
Maxmillion Dunbar's new track, "Woo," gets Pitchforked. [Pitchfork]
This Mother Jones blogger thinks Joe Warminsky's positive review [...]

Openings: Fall Fringe and the Virgin Mary

What's new this weekend in local arts.
It's Friday! If that's not enough reason to rejoice, none of the new arts openings this weekend have anything to do with Tuesday's election or the aftermath of the Frankenstorm. Instead, they're a wide mix of innovative theater, photographs about social and religious issues, and modernist paintings inspired by [...]

Arts Roundup: Watergate Redux Edition

Beijing's new SOHO Galaxy complex might look familiar to Washingtonians...and Foggy Bottom residents. [Atlantic Cities]
Kennedy Center president Michael Kaiser will be honored at the Theatre Lab's 20th anniversary benefit on Nov. 12. [Theatre Lab]
A new arts funding program aims to bring Latin American performances to the U.S. One of its first beneficiaries: Gala Hispanic Theatre. [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Years of the Cat

H Street NE, which transformed quickly from a dilapidated commercial strip to a hypergentrified attractant of quirky businesses, is not immune to controversy. But there's probably one H Street story most people could agree is a success: the tale of Al, the orange tabby who lived at Palace of Wonders—then later Red Palace—during the neighborhood's [...]

Why GALA Hispanic Theatre Is Getting Occupied

Quique Avilés is not one to mince words. As MC and director of this week's "Occupy GALA" at GALA Hispanic Theatre, he makes it clear the event has no direct affiliation with the Occupy movement. "They put it out there, you know, that they have no leadership," he says. "So we kind of appropriated it for [...]