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Low-Gallery Diet: Can D.C.’s Art Scene Survive Without Traditional Spaces?

Who’s bothered by the fact that House of Cards tapes in Baltimore, not in D.C.? Let’s see. Folks who work at the District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, for sure. Young aspirational residents of Capitol Hill, too, I’m betting. The D.C. art world? After last week, when Pussy Riot joined Kevin Spacey and [...]

Gallery Owners Trade Traditional Spaces for Pop-Ups and Shares

When Andrea Pollan announced that she was leaving her gallery space, Curator’s Office, at 1515 14th Street NW, she was emphatic that she wasn’t closing it down for good. She’d run the microgallery for nine years before her lease expired in June 2013, but with rising rents putting storefront or smaller spaces on the District’s commercial [...]

D.C.’s Year in Art Galleries: Woof

The news that Civilian Art Projects is closing its 7th Street NW gallery space caps off a year of many memorable exhibits—and too many art galleries passing into memory.
While Civilian director Jayme McLellan is taking her situation in stride, planning a 2014 full of pop-up shows and house salons, hers is not the only gallery [...]

Curator’s Office Leaving 14th Street Gallery Space

Curator's Office, one of D.C.'s premiere contemporary art galleries, is leaving 14th Street NW for a destination to be determined. Andrea Pollan, the art dealer and curator who has maintained Curator's Office for nine years at 1515 14th St. NW, says that her lease ends in June.
Pollan says a real estate services firm is taking [...]

Reviewed: Luis Silva’s “A Fox’s Tale”

Luis Silva seems to be cycling through the cultural artifacts of contemporary childhood. The last time he showed at G Fine Art was in 2006 with a show called "Little Monsters," which featured a variety of “soft sculpture”—stuffed animals that straddled fantasy and nightmare. The exhibition took in a host of visual influence—Jim Henson, anime—and [...]

Vitamin A: Luis Silva’s “Untitled”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
Luis Silva's newest works at G Fine Art are inspired by a fable he authored while simultaneously working on the paintings, all annoyingly "untitled." At its root, the work of "Untitled" (wolf in ass' skin) is unapologetically an [...]

D.C. Galleries: Moving Up, and Moving Everywhere

The new Touchstone Gallery.
Penn Quarter hasn't been the sort of edgy neighborhood where scrappy art galleries grow for years, so it came as no surprise when it finally displaced its oldest fine art outpost. Touchstone Gallery, one of the D.C. art scene's longest-lasting brands, was squeezed out last fall when the building at 406 7th [...]

Last Chance: “Naked” by A.B. Miner at G Fine Art

The debut show in G Fine Art's new space, Al Miner's "Naked," closes Saturday, so this week is your last chance to see the artist at his barest. A City Lights pick last month outlined Miner's self portraits—both of his scarred and scabbed chest following a double mastectomy, and of his face in various states [...]

Arts in Review: The Year in Galleries

D.C.'s galleries began the year flogging hope—with a Shepard Fairey megaexhibit at Irvine Contemporary—and ended it with, um, chickens. For galleries, as with art institutions worldwide, times proved tough, but Washington's scene also saw moments of, well, hope. In her essay in our Arts in Review issue, critic Maura Judkis writes:
The market for luxury purchases [...]