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ToDo ToDay: Death Fest! Sinkhole Cocktails!

Your metalhead friends wept openly when they heard about the death of Jeff Hanneman, one of Slayer's founding members. Right then, something hit you: “Maybe I should listen to some Slayer. Y’know, out of respect.” When you put on “Angel of Death,” you remembered that metal fucking rules, and now you’re fucking hooked. Good, news, [...]

DC9 Death Clouds Venue’s Future; Owner, 4 Others Arrested; No Ruling from Medical Examiner

UPDATE | 2:56 p.m., Oct. 16: The defendants from DC9 were arraigned Saturday on charges of aggravated assault, not murder. Four of them were released, and the fifth will be released soon, as well. But the Washington Post says police may increase the charges again after the medical examiner rules on the cause of death.
UPDATE [...]