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Q&A: New York-Bound Adam Friedland On the Last Night of Funny Moms

Since December of 2012, Columbia Heights watering hole Wonderland has recurringly opened its upstairs bar to a small tribe of dweeby, self-effacing, pop-culture-literate comics and the people who want to hear their weird jokes. But after tonight, the laughter fades forever inside those walls.
Well, OK, Wonderland will still host comedy. But probably none like that [...]

ToDo ToDay: “Play by Play,” Dizzy Wright, and Funny Moms

No matter how good the kids have it—Uber to daycare, naps tracked by Jawbone, P.E. via FitBit—adolescence is never not going to be the most horrifying part of a person’s life. For “Play by Play,” a group show at U Street’s Project 4 gallery, four artists examine the way that the dread inspired by growing [...]

ToDo ToDay: Step Afrika!, Funny Moms, and a New Bar in Shaw

One of the District’s most spectacular holiday programs involves audience participation, a DJ named Frosty the Snowman, and a dozen dancers stomping the stage about as hard as humanly possible. Back for its second season, Step Afrika!’s “Magical Musical Holiday Step Show” pairs the company’s famously fast-paced stepping with a heavy dose of holiday cheer. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Kevin Barry, Storytelling, and Weird Comedy

Very few evil megalomaniacs are as entertaining as Kevin Barry. The Limerick-born scribe's fiction is a distinctly Irish brew of lyricism, raunchy humor, and sentimentality that translates well to the speaker's podium. Riding a wave of critical enthusiasm to his reading tonight at Mount Vernon Square’s Warehouse Theater, Barry focused his debut novel, City of Bohane, [...]

ToDo ToDay: The “Sandwich-to-Go” Comedy Tour, Funny Moms, and Islands

Like any good sandwich, a good comedy bill is well balanced. It can’t be too dry, nor can it contain too much cheese. Let’s hope the "Sandwich-to-Go" tour, featuring comics Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman, and Kristen Schaal (shown), is as delectable as they seem to think it is. You know all three from their various [...]

ToDo ToDay: Generationals! EMP Collective! The Red Hen!

Summer’s on the horizon and for some, it brings the desire to listen to sunny, ‘60s-influenced indie pop. Generationals, the New Orleans duo made up of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, is here to help. The band’s latest album, Heza, released earlier this month, is chock-full of danceable rhythms and fuzzy vocals. Yeah, at least one [...]

ToDo ToDay: Chatham County Line! Funny Moms!

All other string instruments should step aside for the banjo's moment. Thanks to the success of banjo-heavy groups, twang is making its way into the ears of listeners who, a few years ago, might have thought the banjo only belonged at a state fair 70 miles east of Nowhere, Miss. Benefiting from this excess of string-band riches [...]