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ToDo ToDay: Ian MacKaye! SISU!

Fugazi and The Evens frontman Ian MacKaye is a punk-rock icon, yeah, but he’s also one hell of an archivist. In addition to building a vast collection of physical media, MacKaye has also digitized tons of it and made it accessible to the public through Dischord Records and projects like the Fugazi Live Series. So [...]

Fugazi Adds 25 More Shows to Its Live Archive

25 more Fugazi shows! Have been added to its massive Live Series! They are the following!
05/02/1990 Memphis, TN USA, Antennae Club
08/14/1991 Winnipeg, MB Canada, Duncan Arena
05/14/1992 Manchester, England, Irish Centre Ardri Hall
05/31/1992 Barcelona, Spain, Zeleste 2
06/16/1992 Munich, Germany, Theaterfabrik
07/25/1992 Washington, DC USA, US Capitol Plaza Supreme Court
02/13/1993 Orlando, FL USA, Edge
02/20/1993 Greensboro, NC USA, Trim [...]

Nothing but a Number: A Live History of Fugazi’s Song “Repeater”

"Playing music is like handwriting," says Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye. "If you play a song over and over, it starts to evolve."
For my feature this week on Fugazi's new online archive of live shows, I discussed some of the subtle changes you can hear in live version of the song "Repeater." Since then, I spoke to [...]

Arts Roundup: Jay Sherman Edition

Everyone's Talking 'bout Fugazi: After you read Ryan Little's thinky Washington City Paper feature on the post-hardcore band's new live archive, check out Marc Masters' for the Washington Post. Masters quotes critic John Gross saying, "At times they reminded me more of song-based jazz than rock...When they got a good head of steam going, you [...]

Full Disclosure: Fugazi’s Live Series Is a Lot More Than Angry Banter

In 2009, a 45-minute MP3 of audio from Fugazi concerts cropped up on punk and indie-rock blogs. But it wasn’t a musical recording: Instead, James Burns, the fan behind the file, had cobbled together choice clips of outrageous stage banter. The collage not only affirmed the band’s reputation for hardline punk diatribes (“Would the gentleman in [...]

Fugazi Live Archive Launches Thursday

Remember when you paid $5 to see that life-changing, all-ages show where Guy Picciotto hung upside down from a basketball hoop? Or when Ian MacKaye stretched out the insanity of "23 Beats Off" for just a few minutes more? It's time to relive all those memories, folks...
In news that should make Phish jealous, The New [...]