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Arts Roundup: Artomatic Edition

Plus: GoldLink talks about the ruined relationship that inspired his new album.

The Final Word: Nearly 15 Years Later, the Themes of Frodus’ Final Album Are More Relevant Than Ever

Last week, Lovitt Records rereleased Frodus' final album, "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea."

Arts Roundup: There Will Be No More Scum Edition

Plus: a photo exhibit at Nat Geo Museum showcases more than 5,000 captive species.

Lovitt Records To Reissue Frodus’ And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea


Jason Hamacher, a Punk “Drummer With a Camera,” Is Now a Syrian-Art Preservationist

It’s spring’s first balmy Saturday evening, and the Convergence parking lot is packed. The Alexandria church and community arts center regularly hosts punk shows for neighborhood teens, but today, the reception area is filled with an incongruous combination of young church families, foreign dignitaries, and 30-something punks in Replacements T-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos. Meanwhile, the [...]

Kickstart This: Zoneplex, Lawnmower Racing, DDP

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

THE PROJECT: Zoneplex, a new board game (!) masterminded by former D.C. indie vet Shelby Cinca (Frodus, The Cassettes) and his pal Kenny Jakobsson, in which you, a warrior monk, must gain control of an alien pyramid spacecraft at the center [...]

Ex-Frodus Band Regents Plays Black Cat Sunday

With former members of D.C. spazzcore band Frodus, Richmond, Va., screamo vets The Exploder, and Harrisonburg, Va., legends Maximillian Colby, Regents is bringing back the screamy post-hardcore you may or may not miss.
Fans of tightly executed, mathy, aggressive '90s punk should pick up Regents' new seven-inch on Lovitt Records, available this Sunday at the band's [...]

Frodus Releases New 7-Inch, Teases Collaborations With Members of Refused and Darkest Hour

You thought they were dead. It was only a ruse: The great D.C. spazzcore outfit Frodus tracked two new songs and remade an older one during its too-brief 2009 reunion stint, and just last week, Lovitt Records released the results, the Soundlab 1 7-inch. You won't find the songs on iTunes—the tracks are available digitally [...]

Shudder to Tweet

Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.
Kingpen Slim:
-This dude at ihop got so many waves, even his baby hair shape up re growth on his neck got waves lol this is a brushing mofo
-2 things I never leave the house without, a watch & some cologne, tonites selection Michael kors [...]

I Think We’re Not in Kansas House Anymore

Over the last 15 years, Kansas House, a tiny four-bedroom home in Arlington, has seen members of bands that recorded for almost every D.C. record label—Dischord, Teenbeat, Slowdime, Simple Machines—crash on its floors, perform in its living room, or be thoroughly revolted by its rat-infested basement.
Kansas House is not a club. Shows happen there once [...]