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End-of-Week Mixtape: Christian McBride’s Non-Jazz Playlist

A Friday item, in which we feature a playlist suggested by one of our critics—or by a friendly guest.
Christian McBride has laid down records with so many jazz icons that to list them here would be sort of obnoxious. (It would also require us to discuss the latter-day work of Sting.) Suffice it to say [...]

End-of-Week Mixtape: #FridaySoul!

Dear Arts Desk readers,
As approximately 62 of you know, I've been spinning a Friday Soul mix via the old Twitter account. Man is it groovy! I'm even linking to videos. The playlist so far:

Otis Redding, "Shake" (live at Monterey Pop, 1967)
Raphael Saadiq, "Let's Take a Walk"
Laura Nyro, "And When I Die"
James Brown, "Super Bad"
Buddy Guy, [...]