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ToDo ToDay: The Fresh & Onlys, Beck, and Free Movies

Last month, a writer for Consequence of Sound argued that House of Spirits, the latest album from San Francisco’s Fresh & Onlys, was “the band’s descent into turmoil, its hero’s journey,” but one that “no one asked them to embark on”—a tortured, dulled betrayal of the band’s earlier verve. That inspired Fresh & Onlys leader Tim [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Fresh & Onlys! Winter Pie! Submerge!

San Francisco-based band The Fresh & Onlys is among the standard-bearers of the psych-garage sound currently associated with that city. Less in-your-face than other members of the Bay City cohort, the band’s tunes are simple, layered, and bouncy—think ’60s pop and love songs dripping with desperation.
The Fresh & Onlys perform with Quilt and Shark Week [...]

Leak Proof: Krallice, Malakai, Harmonia & Eno, Fresh & Onlys’

The Fresh & Onlys': "Dude's Got a Tender Heart"
San Francisco garage-psych band The Fresh & Onlys offers up a reverb-drenched nugget about a tough guy on wheels. Nothing especially mold-breaking there. But by the end of the first verse, it's apparent that this dude's wheels are only about 47mm in circumference. Narrative-wise, "Dude's Got a [...]