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ToDo ToDay: Get Your Wonk On

Food politics, in recent years, has mainly been a preoccupation of the left. We liberals thrill to Morgan Spurlock’s cinematic pantsing of McDonald’s and Eric Schlosser’s searing indictment of big agriculture’s labor practices. It’s Democratic political spouses who make politically tinged culinary waves with things like Michelle Obama’s White House vegetable patch or Theresa Heinz Kerry’s [...]

Stay Up Late with Jukebox The Ghost

The quasi-local popsters Jukebox The Ghost are stepping their game up. To promote their soon-to-be-released Yep Roc debut, Everything Under The Sun, the trio scored a last-minute spot on the Late Show with David Letterman which airs this very evening. The GW grads have been touring like crazy for a few years now, hopping on [...]

Midweek Mixtape: Who Needs Albums?

Popular wisdom will tell you that the album is quickly going the way of the 45, and yet it's no stretch to say that most people in my line of work (that'd be criticism!) still think about music in album-centered terms. I'm certainly guilty of this, but with every year, more and more of my [...]

Hey Alright: Free Energy @ Black Cat

This review involves a lot of name-dropping. So don't say you weren't warned.
And, really, how else to consider Free Energy? The Philadelphia-based blogosphere favorite doesn't strive for originality, nor even hipster cachet: You can hear Television or Big Star all you want in the quintet's peppy, big-guitar sound, but really, these guys are all about [...]

Live Tomorrow: Free Energy @ Black Cat

Pastiche can be a funny thing: When Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells played fuzzy, proggy slacker pop in the St. Paul, Minn., band Hockey Night, I figured that as long as Stephen Malkmus keeps pumping out decent-or-better albums every few years, my brain just doesn't have the RAM for a Pavement Lite.
If this is beginning [...]

Leak Proof: Atlas Sound, Free Energy, Kurt Vile

Atlas Sound/Panda Bear: "Walkabout"
If you were among those who downloaded the half-finished version of Atlas Sound's (aka Bradford Cox) new record, Logos, after he accidentally leaked it a several months ago, well, shame on you. Luckily, Cox went back and changed a few things. Apparently "Walkabout," a collaboration with Animal Collective's Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), [...]