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Tough Talk with Boxing Gym director Frederick Wiseman

Documentarian Frederick Wiseman has made a film almost every year since 1967, when his Titicut Follies gave viewers a harrowing look inside an institution for the criminally insane. His latest film, which opened at the new West End Cinema on Friday, is look inside Lord's Gym, the Austin, TX training facility founded by retired boxer Richard Lord. I reached him by phone on Friday afternoon shortly after his arrival in Washington to promote the picture.

Frederick Wiseman’s The Boxing Gym, Reviewed

The boxing gym is a well-used—and perhaps overly romanticized—setting in film. The Rocky series will forever hold hearts, despite its cheesiness. And Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgan's 1999 Oscar-nominated doc, On the Ropes, stands arguably in the company of the legendary sports study Hoop Dreams.
And so it struck me as an interesting subject for the prolific [...]