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Reviewed: “A World of Bonds: Frederick Sommer’s Photography and Friendships” at National Gallery of Art

Frederick Sommer's photographs are so diverse, it's hard to believe the same artist made them all.
In the National Gallery of Art’s small (verging on tiny) retrospective of Sommer’s works, the images run the gamut from lyrical landscapes to bloody, animal-organ still lifes, plus a sui generis assortment of works that combine drawing, sculpture, and photography. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Adam Lister! Mittenfields!

Adam Lister, a painter, sculptor, installation artist and gallerist from Fairfax, has produced some inspired work, particularly a series in which he riffs on immediately recognizable paintings by Da Vinci, Vermeer, and other giants by painting them as if they had been sucked into a Wreck-It Ralph pixelated vortex. Lister is technically accomplished; the borders of [...]