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New Information on Freddie Hubbard

Trumpeter David Weiss of the New Jazz Composers Octet – a friend and colleague of Freddie Hubbard provides corrected information to last week's report of Hubbard's hospitalization for a heart attack:
Freddie did not collapse, he was having trouble breathing and was taken by ambulance to Sherman Oaks hospital on Wednesday, November 26. He did have [...]

Freddie Hubbard in a Coma

Freddie Hubbard, 70, arguably the most important jazz trumpeter after 1960, suffered heart failure and collapsed last Sunday, December 1 at his home in Sherman Oaks, California. He has since been in the Intensive Care Unit at Sherman Oaks hospital where, as of Friday, he remained in a coma.
"He is being worked on to revive [...]