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At PhotoWorks, Documentary Photos Smash the Divide Between Tradition and Modernity

Sometimes, photography exhibits are notable for a small number of images that stand above the rest. And sometimes they're notable for offering a steady, coherent series. The seventh annual “Mirror to the World” exhibition of documentary photography at Glen Echo’s PhotoWorks falls into the latter category. (Disclosure: The curator, Frank Van Riper, photographed my wedding.)
David [...]

Rodeos and Abandoned Landscapes at Annual Documentary Photo Exhibit

Frank Van Riper knows how to pick ‘em. The veteran photographer (and, full disclosure, my wedding photographer from more than a decade ago) has curated the sixth installment of the annual documentary photography exhibit at Glen Echo's Photoworks, “Mirror to the World.” As usual, the five photographers he’s tapped have all produced notable work.
Keith Hans, [...]

Reviewed: “Mirror to the World” at Photoworks

Frank Van Riper is well-known in the D.C. area for his writings on photography as well as his book of moody black-and-white photographs, Serenissima: Venice in Winter. (Van Riper is also considerably less well-known for photographing my wedding.) Now, Van Riper, a photography teacher at Glen Echo’s Photoworks studio, has curated the exhibition, "Mirror to [...]

Arts Roundup: If You’re Here to [Tea] Party, Please Check Your Bad Grammar at the Door Edition

If your boss or cause lost last night, don't fret—there's plenty of arty stuff to take in during your newfound free agency, at least until our new boss Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, turns us into Maryland. One city, babe.
Our theater critic Trey Graham reviews the Washington State Guild's new production Darwin in Malibu, Crispin Whittell's transplant [...]