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City Paper Critics’ Poll: The Best Music of 2012

"They say you got your whole life to make your first album," raps Oddisee at the top of "Ready to Rock," the triumphant, densely collaged opener of People Hear What They See, D.C. music critics' pick for the year's best local album. But for the Sudanese-American producer/MC, it didn't take a lifetime to finally pull [...]

DMV Beats: X.O., Fleetwood DeVille, Thoughts on Pitchfork’s Top 50

It's gonna be weird when X.O. hits a video drought, because right now it seems like he's got a new clip every few weeks, and they're all worth watching (and they're all generally D.C. as hell). Up now is "Rugged," which is definitely on the Style Wars tip, with all its trains and spraycans [...]

Playlist: My President Is Back

Themed playlists can be brilliant but a lot of themed playlists can go to hell. They're like cooking challenges with mandatory lavender. Cute trick, bro, but what am I supposed to feel?
I hadn’t brushed up on the local races, and I even considered not voting given the overwhelmingly pro-Obama electorate in the District. At the [...]

You Are Now Watching the Throne

Is “Otis” a terrible song?
I thought so. It’s a lazy, looped beat that is trampled on by weak punch-lines, and is just about impossible to consume. But three songs into Thursday night’s Monsters of Rap summit, the track felt central to whatever cultural unifiers linger in the middle class’ societal fabric. An extended intro turned [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 31

D.C., you need a little love right now, and ooh yeah, Far Out vs. Hot Dang can give it to you. That's right, yeah, just a little to the left, a little to the right. Cold side, hot side. Mmm. Don't forget to check the Twitpiece. Aw yeah, it's like that. Now let's get somethin' [...]