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Don’t Be Bored: Cuddle Pop

There remains a stubborn controversy in jazz about the influence of European music—its extremes best exemplified by writers like Stanley Crouch (who thinks the European tradition is anathema to jazz) and Stuart Nicholson (who thinks the creative spirit of jazz has abandoned America for Europe). But the simple fact is that jazz is indeed thriving [...]

Jazz Setlist, October 13-19: Snap-Crackle-Bop

Friday, October 14
They don't call him "Snap-Crackle" 'cause he loves Rice Krispies. Roy Haynes got his nickname for his startlingly sharp attack on the drums, with a special zeal on the snare (snap) and ride cymbal (crackle). The distinctive sound has netted Roy one of the most eye-popping musical resumes you'll ever see. He had [...]

Jazz Setlist, Apr. 22-28: Sherman, Moutin, and the Big Bands

Thursday, April 22
We've talked before about Rhythm Road, the joint project of the State Department and Jazz at Lincoln Center that sends practitioners of American music around the world to promote cross-cultural understanding. Well, suppose for some reason you can't make it to the 97 countries the tours are covering this year? Why, in that [...]