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Jazz Setlist, August 29-September 4

Thursday, August 29
If you read Setlist, there's a good chance you also read This Week in Jazz, DCist's rundown written by Sriram Gopal. In which case you may also know that Gopal is a jazz drummer, too, as well as an enthusiastic celebrant of his own Indian heritage. In that spirit, he's the founder of [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 26-June 1: In Pharoah’s Army

Thursday, May 26

The great Albert Ayler once placed himself as the Holy Ghost in an avant-spiritual jazz trinity. Coltrane was the Father. The Son? That would be Pharoah Sanders. A tenor saxophonist like the others in the trinity, Sanders was the voice of raw spiritual fervor on Coltrane’s last and most difficult albums, then a [...]

Jazz Setlist, Aug. 5-11: Ghost Town

I believe this column owes a retraction. I said last month that July was "the slowest month for jazz in D.C." That was before August, that period of (yet more) stifling heat and congressional recess. Ick. So while our fair city is emptied of the folks who work on and around the Hill, look an [...]