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FotoWeek: Faculty Choice: New Work by Recent Corcoran Photography and Photojournalism Graduates

Times are tough for Corcoran kids. In recent years the Corcoran College of Art + Design, the city's only art school and one of the nation's best incubators for undergraduate talent in photography, has slimmed its footprint but scaled up enrollment. The Corcoran sold the Randall School property in Southwest it never quite turned into [...]

Tonight: Photographer of the (Rock) Gods Danny Clinch

Making a living as a rock 'n' roll photographer ain't easy, but David Clinch seems to be doing alright. He's snapped shots of iconic pop legends, from Dylan and Springsteen to James Brown and Jay-Z, and he's directed films for  Pearl Jam and John Mayer. Clinch's style makes the greats look even greater, and he's [...]

FotoWeek: Noelle K. Tan’s “The America Project: utopia” at Civilian Art Projects

In much of her previous work, Noelle K. Tan’s photography has been striking for its exquisiteness—a mix of precisely shaded details amid a glaring field of white, or the reverse, brightly lit features within a cloak of darkness. But Tan’s work has also been notable for its anonymity: It has been everywhere, and thus nowhere. [...]

FotoWeek: “Remote” at Civilian Art Projects

The exhibition “Remote” is intended to encompass “desolate far reaches of the mind and the land – places hard to reach, but rich with reward when discovered and investigated.” This theme is a bit flimsy—it’s hard to characterize the tourist locales and highway lightposts in the exhibit as being truly isolated—but it’s more fruitful to [...]

FotoWeek: “imMigration” at Hillyer Art Space

The images in “imMigration” were made by photographers from nine Central and South American nations as well as Spain and Portugal. Their quality is uniformly high, and the themes in this collection of photographs about migration and immigration are remarkably coherent, unified by the notion of displacement and disjointedness. Ari Espay of Chile photographs two [...]

Arts Roundup: Steampunked Edition

Good morning! FotoWeek starts this weekend! Look for our preview later today, and for nuggets of coverage every day after that. I went to the pre-party last night at the Phillips and...well, alright, it was OK.  Though Worn Magazine's Josh Yospyn was shooting some pretty cool polaroids of guests, which I hope he posts. Had I [...]