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Paint Branch, I Wanna Live, Reviewed

Small stakes and musical amity can be a recipe for mush, and that's why a lot of bands are over before they begin. But adding a calm "why not" to a mature "what if" can work, especially if everybody is relatively free of hangups. So it goes for John Davis and Chris Richards, two former [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Look at This Fucking [Sociological Treatise on the Modern] Hipster’ Edition

Morning, folks!
The mysterious purveyor of the Felice Brothers golden-ticket essay contest named a winner Friday. I’ll share the winning essay here later today, but here’s a taste of the author’s pathos at work:
I don't know how I missed out. But don't make me sit at home alone on Friday night, listening to Adventures of the [...]

9:30 Two-fer: Fleet Foxes and M. Ward

I’ve heard the Name Game play out in many contexts, but at a concert—between the drummer and some guy standing ten rows into the audience—was a new one. “Do you know Rebecca Callahan*?” shouted a tall kid in a white Polo. “She was, like, two grades ahead…”
“Rebecca, oh, yeah,” replied Fleet Foxes drummer J. [...]

Fleet Foxes Fans: Don’t Miss Espers Tomorrow

Fleet Foxes have sold out two shows at the 9:30 Club tomorrow night. If you're one of the folks with tickets, a word of advice: show up early to see Espers, who will be opening both shows. Espers are a Philadelphia-based band playing folk music with a heavy dose of psychedelic rock influence. Acid-drenched electric [...]

Leak Proof: Julian Plenti, Misson of Burma, Ducktails, Robin Peckhold

Julian Plenti: "Only If You Run"
It's not much of a surprise that Julian Plenti, the solo project of Interpol's Paul Banks, sounds a lot like Interpol. "Only if You Run" has the same clean and spacey guitars, the same reverb drenched outro-vocals, and the same sounds-cool-enough gobbledygook lyrics that Banks' other band has been working [...]

Sound Walls: Grizzly Bear & Here We Go Magic at 9:30

Grizzly Bear has caught some flack on this blog, but the jury was still out for me going into last night’s show. I bought Yellow House a few weeks ago, and while I had listened to it through a few times and found it intriguing (if not exactly catchy), I was not convinced enough to [...]

Fleet Foxes: D.C. Makes Summer Tour Cut

Fleet Foxes, they of the empyreal harmonies, are in high demand these days. The band's self-titled debut LP, released a year ago, quickly earned a spot on the contemporary folk syllabus. Frontman Robin Pecknold, a social recluse whose lyrical incantations seem to echo along the slopes of some far-off mountain range, has managed to hook [...]

Music 2008: Melody Records Sells a Boatload of Madonna

Below: this year's top-sellers at Melody Records. Glad to see Gnarls on there; chagrined to see Coldplay; not surprised to see either; curious whether any other stores were able to move the Hancock album like this.

Madonna, Hard Candy
Coldplay, Viva la Vida
Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part One
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend
Portishead, Third
Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson
Amy Winehouse, [...]