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I Love Cassettes, and That’s Why I Don’t Love Cassette Store Day

Despite media chatter about a recent “cassette resurgence,” most people still haven't re-embraced the tape. Anyone under 30 probably associates them with their parents' music collections, and only a slim margin of record nerds knows about their prevalence among obscure noise and punk bands. But soon, you'll be able to buy cassettes from big-name bands [...]

This Ain’t Our First Rodeo: Arts Desk Touches Down at SXSW

Arts Desk's Texas correspondent covers D.C. music (and funny shit) at South by Southwest.
I randomly ran into Matt Pinfield around 2:40 a.m. in a Whataburger men’s room on Wednesday. I wanted to tell the former MTV VJ how much I enjoyed the liner notes he wrote for the Queen box set that I acquired secondhand, [...]

New Arrivals @ Red Onion

Best happy hour in recent memory: Spending the first few minutes of my Friday night purchasing records at Red Onion. What did I buy? The Flaming Lips' Embryonic LP (colored vinyl) and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks' debut LP on the local Underwater Peoples label [you can listen to an officially leaked Bleeker track here]. [...]

Interview: Wayne Coyne Talks Embryonic

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne has been interviewing for months now about his band's upcoming album Embryonic. He's talked to Billboard and the BBC and just about anyone else. It would be hard to not to weary of Coyne's sales calls. The band is no longer just the pride of Oklahoma and stoner college kids. [...]

Flaming Lips Headline Free Earth Day Show On The Mall

Flaming Lips will be headlining an Earth Day concert on the Mall this Sunday. The event is free. The Lips will be joined by openers Los Lobos, DJ Spooky, moe, the Joy of Motion's teen-dance company Urban Impact. Just in case you thought the show would be celebrity free, Chevy Chase will be on hand [...]